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Have questions about our products? Get in touch with one of our industry experts.

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Our supply chain

Fiber suppliers, spinners and weavers

At TenCate Protective Fabrics, we produce FR fabric, which is the material garment producers use to make FR garments.

The first step of FR fabric creation starts with sourcing the correct fibers - the unspun material that makes up yarn. Blending the correct fiber types together at the correct ratios creates yarns that we then weave together to create FR fabric. This raw or greige FR fabric is then dyed, finished, and finally shipped to garment makers for FR garment production.

Because the most essential protective properties of a garment are defined by the fabric used to create it, we work throughout the entire value chain to give our customers the expert advice they need to make confident choices. By “customers” we mean all partners who play a role in getting the end product to the end user. These are the four types of customers that we actively work with: garment manufacturers, distributors, industrial laundries and end users.

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Garment manufacturers

The customer we collaborate with most directly are the garment manufacturers, or garment makers, who buy our fabric and turn it into garments. They might design and sew their own in-house collections, or they may make custom garments according to the wishes and specifications of end users, distributors or laundries.



To supply what the end user is looking for, distributors most often source ready-to-wear clothing from garment manufacturers. Distributors provide end users with a complete package of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) from head to toe, ensuring all the right sizes are delivered to the right employees. Especially in our larger end user accounts, we often work closely together with distributors who need our support (along with garment manufacturers) to address the end user’s needs

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Industrial laundries

A large number of garments made with our fabrics are serviced by industrial laundries. Professional washing maximizes the lifetime and durability of the garments, ensures they’re correctly cleaned, and takes care of the logistics of collecting and redistributing garments to the right employees in a timely manner. 


End users

Last but not least, we also work with the end users themselves – that is to say, the companies in industries such as chemical, utilities, steel & metal, healthcare, automotive, construction, catering, firefighting and military & police who wear garments made from our fabrics. Typically it’s the responsibility of the company’s HSE manager to provide proper protective clothing to all employees exposed to workplace hazards (as identified in a risk assessment).

“The main reaction we get from our workers is: ‘This workwear looks great and feels really comfortable.’ You can see a strong feeling of pride in their eyes. These remarks are also made by our top management, which is extremely rewarding for us.”

Cédric Rolland

PPE specialist at

“TenCate Protective Fabrics was the first spoke in the wheel, once the flagged dropped. Their commitment to getting us the fabric on time was the first part of the process in supporting the Warfighter”

Chuck Lambert

Chief Operating Officer at American Apparel, Inc.

“It is our responsibility to provide good service and on time delivery. TenCate Protective Fabrics lives and breathes the same mindset, so we can always trust our partner with their support and clear communication.”

Lian Hin
Lian Sheng Lim

General Manager at Lian Hin

“By putting transparency and factuality first, TenCate Protective Fabrics helped us to understand which fabric choice was the best for us.”

Christian Bazen

HSEQ Coordinator at Damen Shipyards Group

“Our most important learning is that cooperation and sharing knowledge leads to improvements, innovations and new opportunities. Through joined knowledge and ambitions you reach further, together.”

Lene Jul

Product Management Director at Fristads